In our store we provide the following payment methods for purchased items;

Bank transfer

To use the possibility of payment by bank transfer, please make a transfer to the account number indicated in the email, which you receive a moment after the order.

In the title of the transfer, a 9 letter order identifier is provided which is provided on the order confirmation


To take advantage of the shipping option, you only need to select the appropriate option at the 3 stage of order completion

We do not ship by picking parcels abroad, so choosing this form of shipping is only possible for customers who give delivery addresses on Polish territory.

DotPay instant payments

Buyers questions

Do I have to register to pay him?

No. Buyers do not have to register at Dotpay.

How do I make a payment?

Once your order has been placed in our bookstore, you will be redirected to Dotpay's secure site, where you will be able to choose your payment channel. Then follow the instructions on the following pages.

What kind of electronic transfers can I pay?

You can pay with all transfer transfers available in Poland:


I pay with Inteligo,

Transfer from BPH,

BZ WBK Przelew24,


Pay with Nordea.

And bank transfers made by all major Polish banks, including:


Pekao S.A.,

Millenium Bank S.A.,

Kredyt Bank S.A.,

Bank BPH S.A.,

Deutsche Bank S.A.,

ING Bank Śląski S.A.,

Citi Bank Handlowy S.A.,

Bank for Environmental Protection,

Bank of Food Economy,


Fortis Bank.

Which credit cards can I pay?

In Dotpay, you can pay by Visa, MasterCard / EuroCard (except Maestro), JCB, Diners Club, Polcard (except Polcard Bis) and Visa Electron cards issued by some banks (depending on the bank).

Dotpay payments can be made using virtual cards (issued specifically for online transactions).

I do not have a credit card or bank account with internet access. Are there alternative payment methods?

Yes. You can use the services of My Bills and online purchases to pay cash in one of the 6000 points across Poland and in nearly 2,000 shops belonging to the Żabka network.

I made a payment by bank transfer. Then I clicked on the Confirm button and nothing happened. What to do?

This situation can have many causes, most often related to the erroneous work of Internet browsers. Wait a few more minutes, then check to see if you have received a confirmation e-mail. If you received an email stating that the transaction was successful, your money has been transferred to the seller.


I made a payment by bank transfer. It took half an hour and I still did not receive an email confirmation of payment. What to do?

Report a problem by calling Dotpay Customer Service (+48 12 688 26 00 ext. 2) or by emailing Be sure to include a confirmation of the transfer (preferably in PDF format, or printscreen, or simply print all details: date, amount, sender name, account number, transfer title).


How can I be sure that no-one will know my card number?

Transaction data is sent via an encrypted connection directly to the credit card authorization center. They can not "look" anybody wrong. They do not have access to Dotpay employees as well as the internet service for which the service or goods is paid. The card authorization center only issues a confirmation that the declared payment can be made. The website receives this information through Dotpay.


Why do I have to wait for a few hours to process a transaction, since when I pay the same card in the store, it's done immediately?

Authorizing your card when you make an online payment is as immediate as paying at a store or restaurant. Dotpay employees verify each transaction in addition to ensure maximum security for you and your money. In an online transaction, you can not sign up for your account or enter your card PIN as you would during normal purchases.

What is the Dotpay Guarantee service?

If you are buying in online stores and you want to be sure that you get the goods you bought or if you are not satisfied with the seller's return, use the Dotpay Guarantee service.


How it's working?

You buy goods for $ 100 - you pay for it seller, but you want to have a guarantee that you will not be cheated. You put the option "I buy Dotpay Guarantee", which costs eg 8